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More Stuff About Me

I've been looking at the various modules you can fill out on DA and I've come to the conclusion that the Devious Info section is FAR too limiting! I have a really wide array of experience in art and one little slot just isn't gonna suffice. As time goes on, I will edit and add to this so that visitors will get a better idea about the scope and span of my abilities.

I'll start this off by just listing some of the stuff I've done and then I'll come back later and fill in more on each one. So, here are some of the media I've tried:


Drawing Tools:
Pencils, all kinds
India ink pens, crow quill and reservoir
Sakura pens
Prismacolor colord pencils (Premier)
Aquarelle watercolor pencils
Calligraphy, dip style and felt tip

Crafting Techniques:
Rock tumbling and polishing
Horsehair braiding
Four years of work in leather crafting
Painting on feathers
Jewelled Egg crafting using goose eggs, emu eggs, chicken eggs, and quail eggs.
Painted Shop Windows for Pet Shop
Scrimshaw on stone
Jewelry working with electronic parts
Seed beading

Casting and mold making, working with Alumilite.
--Alumilite is an AMAZING molding and casting material that captures the tiniest detail. One thing though, it sets up in just under a minute so when you cast with it, you had best be really ready to go....

Sculpture in ceramic clays and polymer clays.
--I took several classes in ceramic clays and I've made many small sculptures with polymer clay. I really want to do more in this direction since I had a blast doing it.

Assembling, detailing, and painting models, both kit and kit-bashed as well as resin cast.
--Man, I have built nearly every SF model kit known to man. (Prior to resin cast kits) I have one resin cast kit of the Alvin submarine from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute to assemble once I get enough reference photos of the ship to work from. For the record, the Star Trek Classic USS Enterprise takes the cake for difficulty. Those damn nacelles....

Wax carving for bronze casting.

Working with a wide variety of natural materials such as - bone, teeth, horn, antler, fur, hair, claws, feathers, grasses, wood carving, pine cones, shells, preserved insects, etc.
--I love working in natural materials. I have a HUGE collection of oddments collected over the years of such things. The more peculiar, the better. For instance, I have otter fur, moose antler, bobcat claws, exotic pheasant feathers, over 100 different skulls, etc....

Making miniature landscapes in vessels.

Acid etching on glass and metal
--Did this long ago, and got pretty good with it. I also did diamond stylus etching on glass by direct drawing. Time consuming, and must wear eye protection!!

Candle making
--I got into this when my mother-in-law passed away and I ended up with an enormous collection of used candles. I spent quite awhile happily recasting them in a wide variety of shapes and giving them away as gifts.

--Mostly origami and paper modelling. I love modular origami and making polygonal shapes. I also like modelling. I did the Himeji Castle model that took a LONG time. It looks fantastic too! I'm very happy with it.

Cake decorating
--I have a big collection of all the tools and toys for cake decorating. I've done shape cakes and theme cakes and cakes with electronics in them....

Custom framing and matting
--For many years, I worked at this for a living, doing it with my own equipment in my shop.

Document and book repair/preservation
--This skill came out of a necessity while doing genealogy on my family. Some old books and documents needed desperate preservation and I wanted to do it right.

Other skills not art related:

I can solder electronic circuit boards and follow circuit diagrams.
--I really enjoy soldering up circuits now and then. My husband helps me by drawing up the circuits I need and then I assemble them. For my birthday one year, he gave me a Moog Theremin kit. It worked the first time I powered it up! I love him!!!

I build, maintain, repair, and upgrade my own computers.
--Five of them built over the years for myself, more for others. The desktops were built from individual parts I bought at computer shows. No one else can fix 'em so I hung myself on that one...

I used to work on cars, don't anymore.
--Did tune-ups, changed coolant, changed mufflers, replaced hoses and brake lines, etc. Rewired a 56' Chevy once when some vandal cut every wire in the car.

Things I've been known to collect:
Non-sport trading cards. Don't anymore.
Skulls - I have about 100 of 'em.
Snowleopards -Don't anymore.
Mooses - Don't anymore.
Star Trek Classic stuff - Don't anymore
Stone spheres - just got one from Japan
Furuta and Re-ment miniature stuff.
Miniature stuff that *works*
InuYasha cels, genga, douga, settei, backgrounds, production art.
Other anime backgrounds.
Tailfin-sitting rocketships.
Rocks, meteorites, fossils...
Centaurs, tho not so much anymore.
Comics. Not anymore.
InuYasha statues, dolls, figures, as long as they are only InuYasha and three dimensional.
InuYasha - Just about anything InuYasha is cool, really.
Rocketship Christmas ornaments - not so much anymore.
Jackie Chan movies - I want 'em all!
Schleich and Safari Ltd. plastic animals. Not so much anymore. Will pick one up now and then. I have over 200 or so.

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OMG - Go Watch This!

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 5, 2013, 5:44 PM
And you thought the Harry Potter universe had closed it's doors.  Well, when fans ramp up with awesome computing power,, no universe is closed completely.   This is an INCREDIBLE HP fan film you won't believe!  Dazzling!…

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I draw what I feel like drawing!
United States

Should I draw My Little Pony Characters? If so, which one? 

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Journal History

IY Subjects I'm Thinking of Looking Into...

***Revisiting the subject: Do InuYoukai have "puppies"...
***Kagura's fan
***Kohaku's chain/scythe
***Suikotsu's claws
***Miroku's jingly staff
***Japanese farmhouses, also known as "minkas".
***Wolves in Japan
***Horses in Japan
***Guns in Japan
***Causing paradoxes by time travelling through the well
***the shikon no tama. Is it based on another legend?
***the spirits of the jewel(Aramitama, Nigimitama, Kushimitama and Sakimitama) and Magatsuhi
***The Band of Seven
***Kouga and Kouga's Tail
***Hiraikotsu as a weapon
***The Panther Demons of China, their history and/or connection to Japan
***Kanna's mirror
***Tanuki (aka raccoon dogs)
***The return of Sesshomaru's left arm


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